Lightweight Road Maintenance Products

Expanded Shale Road Maintenance Products include Chip Seal Aggregate, Slurry Seal Sand, and De-Slicking Grit / Anti-Skid Material.  Each product provides a variety benefits to the end user.

Chip Seal Aggregate
 - Will Not Strip or Peel
 - Higher Skid Resistance
 - No Windshield Damage
 - Better Bond with Emulsion
 - Cheaper to Transport
 - Longer Chip Seal Life

Slurry Seal Sand
  - Superior Bond with Emulsion
  - Doesn't Roll/Ravel out like standard sand.
  - Superior Skid Resistance
  - Freight Savings - Approximately twice the volume per
    truck load compared to standard sand.

De-Slicking Grit / Anti-Skid Material
  - Won't Freeze or Clump
  - Keeps Salt Loose
  - No Chipped Windshields or Vehicle Damage
  - Larger Particle Size for Superior Traction
  - Improved Safety
  - Dark Color draws heat from the sun, assisting with 
       snow and ice melt.


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