Utelite Lightweight Expanded Shale Aggregates


For over 50 years, Utelite Corporation has produced and supplied rotary-kiln, high strength, lightweight expanded shale structural aggregates (ESLA). We deliver materials to the Western United States, Western Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. Expanded shale lightweight aggregates offer exceptional performance and value in a world of applications. Click here to see. Designers and specifiers for years have benefited from the flexibility in design and cost effective solutions ESLA provides. As our world moves towards a more sustainable approach to all types of construction design, ESLA will, as always, be an integral partner to our societial needs. See how

So please spend some time exploring our site. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, we would love to answer your questions. If we can't, we will find who can.

If you are outside of our area, be assured that there is a network of producer/suppliers of expanded shale, clay and slate (ESCS) aggregates that are willing and able to assist you with your project. Click here to find them.